Laptopmod facelift & Ausgeek rebuild

Erica Schmerbeck helped me put a new face on last week, and I’ve also rebuilt ready for a new look to come in the future. I have high hopes for these sites as I think the concepts are solid, but we’ll see if they actually do anything. LaptopMod is showing more potential than…

Firewheel Version 2

Chaos Tamed was recently contracted again by Tasman Engineering up in Gladstone to work on new functionality for their online store. The Firewheel store previously built was done in around 2004 so it was time for a change. The graphic design didn’t change much but that was the only thing that stayed even close to…

Laptop Mod

I’ve just launched a new personal project site, I’ve owned the domain for years, but I’m finally looking at writing some good content for it!

Make Me Learn Stuff

Just launched another blogging project; The basic idea is in the title; people tell me (or strongly suggest) what to learn to do, and I write an in depth article with pictures about how I went about learning it, if I figured it out, how long it took me, and what resources I used.…

I Do We Do

Just a quick update with another finished website project, this time for a small stationary design company in Cleveland (the one near Brisbane). The site’s at This was done through Chaos Tamed, which I also just redesigned and came up with a new logo for.

Sleeper Film Website

I recently was brought in to make a website for a local independent film called Sleeper here in Brisbane, Australia. The site’s just gone live, and I’m pretty much a permanent part of the project as the webmaster in my spare time. I worked closely with their graphic designer to give the site the look…

Revamped Monster Colors

I’ve just put up a new version of after working with their graphic designer for the last three weeks. Unlike most of my recent sites, this one is not CMS driven. Instead I decided to make it from scratch with a little help from Ruben my sidekick here at Wicked.