Bundl.com.au launched and is going well so far!

For the last 7 months or so I’ve been working on bundl.com.au – it’s a really nifty idea to allow you to sign up to all your services like phone / gas / electricity / net etc all in one place and get a part of the commission back as well. I’m the lead dev…

epresso, the coffee ordering system

Usually I don’t cross-promote this blog with works completed through Khemistry, but this one has been my baby for the last 6 months. I’m the System Designer,  Lead Developer and also the chief IT Project Manager and I wrote 99% of the code (as of this post), designed 90% + of the functionality and even…

Rebecca Lingerie

Another project completed last week, this time it’s a bit more fleshy than my usual projects in both requirements and content 😉 www.rebeccalingerie.com.au


A little creative concept of mine, the goal being with the least amount of personal effort have something funny be introduced to many people through social networking sites and services. www.totalitillion.com

MMO Strats

I’ve started a new personal project, MMOStrats.com This one has been in the pipeline for a while now, and it still needs a lot of content, but it’s more or less a concept example of a content heavy (eventually) directory site with minimal development time. The site so far, as of writing, has only taken…