Rebecca Lingerie

Another project completed last week, this time it’s a bit more fleshy than my usual projects in both requirements and content 😉


A little creative concept of mine, the goal being with the least amount of personal effort have something funny be introduced to many people through social networking sites and services.

MMO Strats

I’ve started a new personal project, This one has been in the pipeline for a while now, and it still needs a lot of content, but it’s more or less a concept example of a content heavy (eventually) directory site with minimal development time. The site so far, as of writing, has only taken…

Laptopmod facelift & Ausgeek rebuild

Erica Schmerbeck helped me put a new face on last week, and I’ve also rebuilt ready for a new look to come in the future. I have high hopes for these sites as I think the concepts are solid, but we’ll see if they actually do anything. LaptopMod is showing more potential than…

Firewheel Version 2

Chaos Tamed was recently contracted again by Tasman Engineering up in Gladstone to work on new functionality for their online store. The Firewheel store previously built was done in around 2004 so it was time for a change. The graphic design didn’t change much but that was the only thing that stayed even close to…