About Chris Samios

In a nutshell, I’m an experienced Digital Engineer, augmented with experience and skills relating to the business & marketing side of projects as well. I’m apparently a natural when it comes to leading a digital project of any kind, and consulting with stakeholders, clients, and a team of developers and designers to produce a fantastic result. Basically, I make things happen; taking pie in the sky ideas and refining them into a real thing.

I’m an enthusiastic team player, and I don’t like to stuff about and waste time on projects. If I see a system that’s inefficient or failing without a really good reason, I’ll do everything I can to improve it instead of waiting for someone else to fix it. That goes even for non-IT projects and systems, I just seem to have a knack for system analysis and system design.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, but without the stereotypical “in it for the money” aspect. I have a lot of ideas for products, apps, systems and other business concepts and one day they’ll pay off, but I’m in no rush to get there and I want to do it my own way.


Without further adieu, here’s some bullet points:

  • I’ve worked inhouse for some household name companies (Loot Homewares, Wicked Campers), usually as their Website Manager.
  • I’ve also worked in Ad Agencies, both as a fulltime Digital Developer / Project Manager and also as a freelance developer.
  • I’ve worked on projects for QLD Health, Suncorp, Sony Australia, Bond University, Flight Centre, Sunsuper, Escape Travel, GJ Gardner Homes, and many others.
  • I’ve worked closely with the Brisbane City Council.
  • I’ve got an IT Degree from QUT.
  • I’m currently studying for a Masters in Business (Strategic Advertising).
  • I’m fluent in many web programming languages, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all kinds of CMS systems or open source frameworks.
  • I’ve written my own MVC framework which I use occasionally on small light-weight, short deadline jobs.
  • I could probably write a book on WordPress CMS development practices, and have trained at least two juniors to now be rapid development gurus (while maintaining client requirements and simplicity of editing).
  • I’m very logical, and love designing databases & data storage systems, and I’m great with SQL.
  • Analytics and statistics is a great interest of mine, mostly because of the marketing analysis you can do with it.
  • I’m interested in psychology, particularly consumer psych. This helps more than you might think, and sometimes gives me multi-dimensional insights into UX design that graphic designers and such sometimes miss.
  • I have experience with SEO but prefer not to do it myself. This means I am a good liaison between SEO professionals and the rest of a team / stakeholders though.
  • I’ve been interviewed by Google, and though unsuccessful that time they encouraged me to try again.
  • I’m an entrepreneur/ideas kinda guy, with an unshakable work ethic and a sense of humor.


Here’s some examples and links to things I’ve been involved with, and there’s even more if you browse around this website.


Other Notable Projects

  • PatternDomain.com – Owner / Developer
  • Bundl.com.au – Co-founder and Lead Developer
    Combine all your services into one handy bundl and get paid at the same time.
  • Epresso – IT Operations Manager and Lead Developer
    Online Coffee Ordering system started in Brisbane, Australia
    I was entirely responsible for all aspects of the IT systems, hardware and software, and many of the initial business processes involved, and the concept itself is even about half my idea! I brought this project from concept to fully functional and installed it in the first few coffee shops myself (at time of writing this it’s still a project I’m working on).
  • GitSprint.comOwner / Developer
    A SCRUM/AGILE tool for developers who use Github (Milestones + Issues).
  • Stack Planner – Owner / Developer
    “Stack” based task management system for desktops and smart phones
    This is one of my many little project ideas that I’ve developed and launched, probably one of the more interesting and successful.