Wicked Campers

I’ve been working at Wicked Campers for about a year as of writing this, and have worked on many websites in varying formats in that time. Here’s a very brief log of what I’ve done since I started here:

  1. Completely rebuilt the Wicked Australian (and the New Zealand site) into ASP.NET in order to get away from a troublesome vindictive web host that they signed up with before I started. This included a new design, and constant monitoring of search engine traffic so as to ensure we didn’t lose any hits due to lost pages or bad links. The new site was designed to be a step into a much more Search Engine Friendly (SEF) website.
  2. Rebuilt the UK site into ASP.NET to enable the UK director access to more advanced features and faster updating.
  3. Developed BackpackersAutoShop.com for a sister business.
    -> http://www.backpackersautoshop.com/
  4. Developed MonsterColors.com.au for another sister business. This site includes a simple online store.
    -> http://www.monstercolors.com.au/
  5. Developed an entire website for the Wicked Campers Italy country site, in a new Content Management system, which enables much easier and quicker updating and adding of content, especially photos. It also allows incredible control over website links, which helps a lot with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It also included some unique features compared to our other country sites, such as a Euro to GBP Currency Converter.
    -> http://www.wickedcampers.it/
  6. Developed a site for Wicked Commercial for another sister business, this time in a new Content Management System with a very simple way of updating content.
  7. Migrated the Australia and New Zealand websites into the same CMS system, continuing the focus on ease of updating and SEO, as well as being pretty to look at!

-> Wicked Australia
-> Wicked New Zealand
-> Wicked United Kingdom
-> Wicked Italy
-> Wicked Ireland

-> Wicked Adventure Rally
-> Backpackers Auto Shop
-> Wicked Commercial