Loot Homewares

The Loot Homewares website has seen some changes in the few years since I left their offices, but I was the original designer and developer of the site which they still use a lot of code from. I designed a unique looking theme with an inviting ‘coffee-house’ style atmosphere which is not unlike their stores. When this design was created, they also had a coffee shop chain which I also managed the website for, as well as their wholesale company website (RAW Wholesale).

I also worked as a Point of Sale technician and IT Officer for Loot for over a year, based in their head office in Brisbane. In this role I was responsible for every machine in the company, and also every internet connection between stores and head office. Using these responsibilities I also started rolling out live webcams for each store, and also have first hand experience with both Secure Wireless networks and broadband connections over the mobile phone network.