Virtual Reality Exercise System

The words “Virtual reality” and “Exercise” don’t really fit together usually, but a project I was involved in at QUT recently challenged that statement as we set out to design and implement the worlds first ‘Virtual Reality Fitness’ system, also known as the Augmented Reality Fitness System, or AR Fitness for short. The project used two readily available technologies to create a bike (or rowing, or running) simulation program that speeds up or slows down depending on how fast you’re going on your exercise machine. To top it off, we developed head tracking technologies that move a camera in the virtual world whenever you move your head. This, combined with the use of Video goggles would allow a user to ride through a tropical rainforrest or around the great pyramids of Egypt without leaving their gym or living room!

We got published in the paper too, read more about it here:

Brisbane Times – Exercising in a Virtual World